Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Pathfinder #5" Plot Summary

Writer: Jim Zub

Lady Etainia forces each of the party members to drink the Waters of Lamashtu and they remember their pasts.

Valeros: Leaving the family farm, inspired by his father's tales of past adventures, but against his mother's will. Becoming a warrior, but never finding love.

Seoni: Becoming a sorceress with no home because of her race.

Harsk: An outsider in his family because of his love of the woods.

Ezren: Growing up in a rich family until they were convicted of heresy. With no money or career, taking up wizardry at an old age and looked down on as elderly.

Kyra: Becoming a cleric, murdering bandits who broke into the Temple, affairs with women.

Etainia gives birth to Lamashtu's child as the party begins waking up.

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