Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Masks #1" Plot Summary

Writer: Chris Roberson


The Green Hornet (right) and Kato (rear) mistake The Shadow (front) for one of Rothko's men, but the Shadow says they can find out about the mob boss, Rothko, at the Cobalt Club. He then kills a criminal and disappears, getting the better of GH and K.

The next day, Britt Reid (Green Hornet) visits the Cobalt Club and is directed to sit with Lamont Cranston (the Shadow) and Margo Lane, who have been expecting him. Cranston reveals who he is and tells Reid that Rothko often comes here and is a part of the Justice Party, the new political faction that has been gaining a lot of popularity.

As Reid exits the Club, he and Kato see a young Latino man, Rafael Vega, being arrested for vagrancy. He just came to New York from California, looking for work as an illustrator. Reid and Kato see that he has drawn a masked swordsman (Zorro) on horseback.

A new Governor is elected for New York. He is Governor Whiting of the Justice Party. He creates the New York Bureau of Investigation with masked and armored agents.

District Attorney Tony Quinn refuses to prosecute Vega for vagrancy and is held in contempt of court.

The new Justice Party agents begin collecting spontaneous new taxes, threatening to put people in jail if they don't pay immediately. The Shadow leads Green Hornet and Kato into attacking a group of the agents. The battle begins to go badly for the heroes against the armored agents, but then they are suddenly reinforced by the arrival of the Spider (left).

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