Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Pathfinder Comic #3" Plot Summary

Writer: Jim Zub

The party has captured one of the sorcerors who was feeding the goblins the strange water. They now know that whoever is controlling the goblins is also transforming them and siphoning off their energy. Their captive won't tell them anything more, and they're not sure what to do with him. Valeros wants to torture him to get more information, but Seoni won't allow it. The whole party is split between wanting to follow the goblins further or turn back.

That night, the captive is talking with Merisiel. Merisiel tells him that she was raised by humans.

The next morning, the party takes their captive and tracks the goblins into Paupers' Graves, where they are attacked by ghouls. Kyra saves them and destroys the ghouls with a blessing from Sarenrae.

That night, Merisiel tricks their captive into telling her that he is a follower of Lamashtu.

The next morning, Harsk leads them into Mosswood, still tracking the goblins. There, the party is attacked by giant spiders.

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