Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Pathfinder Comic #2" Plot Summary

Writer: Jim Zub


As the party battles the goblins (gobs) at Junker's Way, they begin to lose. Normally, goblins will flee when strongly opposed, but these ones aren't. Then Kyra the cleric shows up and turns the tide.

Afterwards, the town council promises the party substantial rewards if they root out and destroy the goblins.

Tracking the gobs, the party soon stumbles upon some humans feeding goblins the Great Water. They are being guarded by three huge bugbears. Kyra attacks the abominations and the others follow. Unfortunately, the humans cast a cloud of darkness and most of them escape.

They bring the news of the hunting party to their mistress, Etainia. Etainia is pregnant with the monster-god's (Lamashtu's) child, whom she hopes will be born and will defeat her enemies.

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