Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Pathfinder Comic #1" Plot Summary

Writer: Jim Zub

Merisiel, Seoni, Valeros, Ezren

The Varisian forest. Valeros (male human fighter), Merisiel (female elven swordmaster), and Seoni (female human sorceror) are fighting goblins. It's an odd encounter because goblins don't usually attack during the day. The three on their way to the town of Sandpoint on the coast to meet Ezren.

Ezren is an older man staying at the Rusty Dragon Inn. He writes stories of adventures, calling them the Pathfinder Chronicles. He says the locals have been having problems with goblin raids and the three tell him of their encounter on the way here.

Later that night, as everyone is paryting in the common room, we see that Valeros has a love interest in Merisiel. When another man tries to hit on Seoni, she uses magic to knock him out. The party then gets into a bar brawl and easily wins.

The next morning, Valeros is puking drunkenly in a field and interrupts the prayers of Kyra, cleric of Sarenrae.

Harsk, a woodland dwarf, then arrives at the Rusty Dragon. Ezren sent for him to guide the party on their goblin hunt. He shows Harsk the body of one of the goblins the other three adventurers brought to town and Harsk sees that it has a nasty growth growing on it. That night, he takes the party to Junker's Way, the local trash dump, and tells them that goblins scavenge here.

When the goblins, arrive, however, it is not a scavenging party but an invasion force. While the others try to think of a plan, Valeros attacks.

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